Monday, 17 May 2010

Guys' Kimono

Recently I think that men's kimono is making a bit of a comeback. I have to admit that I think Japanese guys look much cooler in kimono than they do in suits. Suits seem to make everyone look the same, and are dull and boring. Actually, the kimono fabrics for men are not very colourful either. I wish they were more colourful. They are beginning to be more interesting though. Some of the pictures here show items that are home made, such as the bag with the skeletons, and also the interesting woven bag with the square hole in the top, for a fan. That guy actually made it out of a kind of fishing cage. It was attached to a rope before, and was used to keep fish that were caught. He took off the rope and added handles. I thought that was a very original and interesting idea. Some of his accessories are wonderful too. The white cotton yukata, that looks like an Edo period design, is very interesting too. If you look very closely, you can see surfers in the waves! He's to men who dress snappy! I want to see more of it.


  1. THanks for the insperation! Though I have seen some mens kimono outfits in wild colors such as purple and apple green. They where so nice! The last bag looks like Jack from the Nightmare before X-mass.

  2. Yes, it does a bit. He and his wife makes obi and many accessories, which they design themselves. I think they are so creative in their ideas. They find plain haori and decorate those too.