Sunday, 2 May 2010

Akasaka Prince Hotel Kimono Show.

Yesterday I took part in the Akasaka Prince Hotel Kimono show. The atrium is beautiful with white marble stairs and a pool on one side. There are several open spaces on each side of the stairs, where we took poses. We walked in groups of three or four. I was in the "wild girls" group, though the only thing that was wild really was that I wore dangly plastic earrings. I suppose my silver hair qualified me for wild status! The rehearsal was on Thursday night, but we only had a short time on the stairs, and I was worried that I would not get the moves right. People were watching from above and below, so it was important to target both groups. The kimono I posted on the blog already, but I added the turquoise earrings, and the turquoise obi accessories and put on two obi, instead of one. I think the effect of this, and the red zori, brought out the colours in the kimono and added to its colourfulness. It is probably about 1930s, and is very cheap and badly dyed, but still it can be worn to good effect.
Some women worn beautiful embroidered collars, a few of which I have posted here, and when the group of young men, in their converted women's black tomesode came out, there was clapping and cheering from the audience. It was a fantastic show with great variety and interest, both men's and women's and young and old and both wild and conventional styles. It just showed how varied and interesting kimono can be.


  1. LOve it! ^ ^ The mens kimono rocked! It's very rare to see mens kimono that has pattern that is not cotton. I adore your furisode and the acents of blue you added. It must have been hard to wear two obi but it looks cool! I love the colors of the kimono.

  2. Thanks Aki. It was your idea, but I totally agreed with what you said. I had one blue obi jime, but it was completely dull. I borrowed this one, and it is the same colour as my earrings, so it worked perfectly and pulled all the blues together.
    The men are actually wearing women's tomesode. They have opened up the sleeves. underneath they were wearing linen kimono and they treated the tomesode as jackets and took off the belts part way through the show. That is when all the cheers went up! I think they look uber cool! All J men should dress like this, Ha ha ha!

  3. ^ ^ I should convert some tomesode for my boyfriend then!I can never find mens kimono long enough or big enough for him. He's 6'2" and has 25" shoulds he's a big boy. ><
    Every thing I've looked at for mens kimono has been too short and way over priced.

  4. Women's kimono are so much longer. He could wear a cotton or linen one inside and a tomesode outside, or he could also consider a hakama. You can get them made to measure at a martial arts supplier.