Sunday, 25 April 2010

First Post

Hello everyone,
This is my first blog post on my first blog. I am going to be posting on my life with kimono and explaining why kimono is magic for me. Through kimono I am able to get some insights into Japanese culture, history, manners and also I am inspired by kimono fashions both past and present. I hope you will follow my blog posts.


  1. Go for it Sheila, I enjoy blogging, you've got a great title as well, I look forward to reading more - happy blogging!

  2. You've launched this with extraordinary understatement, as though you are holding your breath .... my god, Kimono has plunged you into another world!

  3. I am always a little tentative, especially when it is anything to do with pressing buttons which are somehow connected with wires....I am never sure where I am going, so it is a bit of an adventure. I just want to talk kimono, and see if people enjoy it. Keep it simple! Is it understatement? Should I have done it with music?